Body/Back Scrub Brush

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545 Body/Back Scrub Brush



  • About The Body/Back Scrub Brush
    • Use the Body/Back Scrub Brush dry as a fantastic body exfoliator, or wet as an invigorating body and back scrub brush.
    • Soft, durable specially selected bristles are ideal in wet or dry applications.
    • Convenient hang-up hole.
  • Where To Use The Body/Back Scrub Brush
    • Use dry in skin-care regimine.
    • Use wet for showering or bathing.
    Body/Back Scrub Brush

  • Body/Back Scrub Brush Specifications
  • Type of Material: Soft, durable polyester bristles
    Length of Bristle: Approximately 7/8"
    Length of Brush: 16-5/8"

  • Problem Solving
    • How Do I Exfoliate Dry Skin?

      Step 1 Daily Exfoliation: Dry skin builds up changing skin texture and causing blocked pores. Dead cell buildup makes the skin appear dry, flaky and dull. Regularly remove this layer of dead skin cells from your entire body below the neck. Use a soft, durable bristle brush in the shower to gently exfoliate dead skin from the chest area where small blood vessels in the skin are easily broken. Follow your shower or bath with a generous amount of moisturizing lotion to replenish skin's moisture.

      Step 2 Body Brushing: Twice weekly before showering, use dry brush on dry skin for approximately five minutes. Begin brushing at the ankles using short, sweeping motions. Move up the body and brush in one direction only.

  • How To Maintain Your Body/Back Scrub Brush
    1. Wash in warm soapy water and let air dry.
    2. May be hung up by hole in handle.

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    Body/Back Scrub Brush

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