big wally wall brush

328824 big wally wall brush


  • about big wally wall brush
  • large brush dusts walls, ceilings and draperies fast.
  • durable polystyrene bristles ot the big wally wall brush, split into mini fibers, pick up and hold cobwebs, dust and debris until shaken out.
  • bristles securely twisted in concealed rustproof steel wire to prevent shedding.
  • long, lightweight handle.
  • specially designed self-adjusting swivel frame moves effortlessly from surface to surface.
  • metal hook on end of handle for easy hang-up storage.
  • the big wally wall brush rinses easily with warm soapy water.
  • big wally microfiber dust cover # 194 for big wally also available.
  • replacement head # 328 for big wally available.
  • where to use the big wally wall brush
  • use on textured, painted or paneled walls, ceilings, paneling, fan blades, molding, and draperies.
big wally wall brush

  • product specifications

handle length and construction: 51" long 2 piece steel handle, smoke gray color (#824)
type of material: purple polystyrene
length of material: 4 1/4"

  • problem solving
cleaning walls and other vertical surfaces: dust and grime can accumulate on vertical surfaces, dulling their appearance. begin by dusting to remove cobwebs and dust. if the wall needs washing, wash with a mild cleaning solution such as # 627 fulsol® degreaser, washing from bottom to top. the reason for this cleaning method is that if a portion of the solution runs down across a soiled area, it may leave a dirty streak that would be difficult to remove. when cleaning walls and other vertical surfaces, remember to clean a small area at a time and take care to overlap the edges of the areas you have previously cleaned.
  • how to maintain the big wally wall brush

  1. wash in warm soapy water
  2. hang to dry
  3. store by hanging to extend life
big wally wall brush

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