garbage disposal brush

324 garbage disposal brush

  • about fuller's garbage disposal brush
    • multi-purpose kitchen brush is ideal for use all around the kitchen
    • resilient, durable polyester bristles retain their shape use after use
    • polystyrene plastic handle with handy hang-up hole for sanitary storage
    • dishwasher safe
  • where to use
    • anywhere in the kitchen or all around the house where you need to scrub. ideal for cleaning under the rim of the garbage disposal and for cleaning corners of sink.
    multi-purpose kitchen brush

  • garbage disposal brush specifications
  • 9-1/2" overall length
    polystyrene plastic block (5-1/2" long with hang-up hole)
    polyester bristles (�" long)
    brush head - polyester bristles twisted in 13 gauge bright steel wire (4" long x 2-3/4" wide)

  • how to use your garbage disposal brush
    1. cleaning garbage disposal: use with # 716 foaming disposal cleaner
    2. be sure garbage disposal is turned off
    3. pour a small amount of disposal cleaner & deodorizer on the brush face
    4. insert brush head into disposal and move brush around the underside of the rim removing built-up grime and grease
    5. for a more complete cleaning and deodorizing of disposal, see # 716 foaming disposal cleaner below.

  • how to maintain the garbage disposal brush
    1. after using, rinse bristles under clean tap water, then hang up to air dry. for a more thorough cleaning of brush, place on top rack of dishwasher.

  • compatible products
  • # 716 foaming disposal cleaner
    # 330 drain cleaning brush

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    garbage disposal brush

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