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Angle Broom
  • Use on floors in hard to reach areas. Long-lasting, rinse-clean polypropylene bristles resist chemicals, oil and grease. 5-10 year lifespan

  • Clip on Dustpan # 860
  • Now you?ll know where the dustpan is when you need it!

  • D. C. Floor Polisher # 185823
  • The low profile of the polisher and it's easy-to-maneuver swivel-head makes it the perfect tool for the hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture and cabinets, around doors or in tight corners.
  • Replacement Cover # 185 also available.

  • Dry Mop
  • Use on wood and composition floors
  • Use on tables, refrigerator tops, smooth surface paneling
  • Use to dust in hard-to-reach places...

  • Earth Guard Mega Mop™
  • Earth Guard Mega Mop™ is a revolutionary new dry mop that carries an electrostatic charge and does a much better job of picking up dirt and hair.
  • Dust Magnet® Replacement head #115 also available.

  • Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper
  • Use on indoor-outdoor carpets, uncarpeted floors, stairways, thick shag carpets, and tile floors....
  • Replacement brush # 964 for Electrostatic Sweeper.

  • Household Broom
  • Use on all smooth surface floors. Shed-proof bristles are heat-sealed, double stitched and locked into a riveted metal casing to retain shape and resist curling.

  • HyperOx # 623907
  • Fast acting, instant "on the spot" solution removes stains from carpets and fabrics...even set in stains!
  • Refill # 623also available.

  • Kitchen Broom
  • Use on smooth surface floors. Long rectangle head reaches under cabinets and along baseboards.

  • Labor Saver Floor Cleaner
  • You'll never have an easier clean that with our industrial quality floor cleaner!

  • Labor Saver Floor Finish
  • Coats floors with a high gloss shine that lasts and lasts.

  • Labor Saver Tile Floor Cleaner
  • Use to clean ceramic, quarry tile, marble, terrazzo, glazed terra cotta, mosaic tiles.

  • Microfiber Dry Dust Mop # 114808
  • Looped microfibers on outer edge of mop, pick up and hold onto dirt, dust, pet hair and more and easily gets in corners.
  • Replacement Head # 114 also available.

  • Mop & Shine
  • Mop & Shine gives you the beautiful floor you desire in a quick, convenient, easy one-step process.

  • Multi-Floor Cleaner
  • Multi-Floor Cleaner gently cleans and leaves no residue. Safe to use on all types of no-wax finished hardwood including Pergo® and Bruce® floors.
  • Refill # 631 also available.

  • Premium Scrub Brush # 225823
  • Long handle ends back-breaking scrubbing!
  • Replacement head for Premium Scrub Brush.

  • Sponge Mop
  • Use on any smooth floor or wall surface. Corrosion-resistant aluminum platehead is permanently bonded to cellulose sponge with epoxy adhesive.
  • Sponge Mop Replacement Head # 129

  • Super Foam Rug Cleaner
  • Use on carpets, rugs and upholstery. Lifts and suspends soil, animal and food stains. Easy to use spray and vacuum formula. Cleans up to a 10' x 14' area.

  • Treated Dust Mop # 13924
  • Specially treated mop head makes dusting floors a breeze. Durable 100% cotton yarn is pre-treated to pick up dust
  • Replacement head # 139 for Treated Dust Mop.

  • Upright Dustpan
  • Hard surface floors indoors and outdoors. Convenient handle, angled for better balance, eliminates bending and squatting and separates you from dust.
  • Replacement head #866 for Upright Dustpan.

  • Utility Dust Brush
  • Utility Dust Brush has the Unique FullerGript® construction that ensures the rinse-clean bristles of the Utility Dust Brush won't shed.

  • Utility Dustpan
  • The beveled edges of the sturdy steel constructed Utility Brush Pan keep fine dirt and dust from slipping underneath and help make clean ups a snap.

  • Wet Mop
  • Use on all hard surfaces and compositiion floors. Only wet mop in the United States approved by Cotton Inc. with the prestigious 100% Cotton Seal
  • Replacement head # 119 also available.

  • Wood Floor Easy Clean Mist
  • The Fuller Brush Wood Floor Easy Clean Mist contains a blend of vinegar and other ingredients that gently remove dirt, dust, heel marks and tough stains without harming the floor's finish.
  • Refill # 633 also available.

  • Wood Floor Cleaner & Polish
  • Use on sealed wood floors, sealed wood surfaces, and laminate flooring including Pergo® and Bruce® floors.

  • Workhorse Commercial Carpet Sweeper
  • Our dual direction carpet sweeper has a high efficiency vinyl blade rotor that picks up broken glass, lettuce, salt, sand and all other types of debris.
  • Replacement blade for Workhorse Commercial Sweeper.

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