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293 shower track & grout brush

  • about the shower track & grout brush
    • uniquely-shaped brush with extra long bristles is engineered to clean narrow places and corners better than sponges and other brushes.

    • durable construction is built to last.

    • unique fullergript construction helps bristles retain shape and resist shedding.
  • where to use the shower track & grout brush
    • in the bathroom use the shower track & grout brush on tile grout, shower door tracks, around base of toilet and faucets.

    • in the kitchen use around the base of the faucet.

    • use in window sills and other hard-to-reach places.

    grout brush

  • shower track & grout brush specifications
  • size and construction:
    5-1/2" plastic handle with convenient hang-up hole

    type of material: blue polypropylene bristles

    length of material: 3/4" to 2'' varying length

  • problem solving
    • cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces: use brushes and cleaners that will not scratch surfaces. apply a cleaner, such as tile & grout cleaner (# 602), bathclean (# 780) or soft scour (# 694) to dry surface and scrub with shower track & grout brush. rinse and wipe with clean cloth.

      hard water deposits: hard water contains dissolved minerals. one of these minerals, calcium carbonate, remains on a surface when the water evaporates, creating a faint, milky-looking film. this residue is easily cleaned within a few days. after a week or two, it becomes a solid block of mineral which requires a cleanser such as dissolve bathroom cleaner (# 674), bathclean (# 780) or soft scour (# 694).

  • how to use the shower track & grout brush
    1. cleaning shower door tracks
      1. spray tile & grout cleaner into tracks of shower door and give it time to start breaking up the grime.
      2. scrub tracks with shower track & grout brush using a back and forth motion until the dirt and grime is loosened.
      3. rinse track well and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
      4. to prevent mold and mildew growth, spray with industrial germidical cleaner and let dry.

  • how to maintain the shower track & grout brush
    1. rinse under hot water after use.
    2. shake out excess water and hang to dry.

  • compatible products
  • # 602 tile & grout cleaner
    # 674 dissolve bathroom cleaner
    # 761 industrial germicidal cleaner


    grout brush

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