super foam carpet / rug cleaner
658 super foam carpet / rug cleaner



  • about super foam rug cleaner
  • fuller brush super foam carpet cleaner can be used on carpets, rugs and upholstery.
  • rug cleaner lifts and suspends soil, animal and food stains.
  • easy to use spray and vacuum formula.
  • cleans up to a 10' x 14' area.
  • optical brighteners restore color vibrancy.
  • saves money on expensive "wet-vacuum" professional carpet cleaning.
  • where to use super foam rug cleaner
  • use on carpets, rugs and upholstery
super foam rug cleaner

  • super foam rug cleaner specifications

size/net weight: 18 oz.
type of product: foaming aerosol

  • problem solving
general carpet and rug care: regular carpet vacuuming is important for appearance and wear. unless removed, sharp particles of grit can become embedded and slice carpet fibers. use a carpet sweeper to pick up daily dirt, crumbs, hair, etc. vacuum carpets and rugs weekly. slowly vacuum each area several times to loosen and remove dirt. shampoo carpets and rugs only as needed.

prolong carpet life: don't get carpet too wet while shampooing.
don't let metal gliders from furniture stand on a damp carpet. place small pieces of aluminum foil under each leg to prevent contact with damp carpet.
don't walk on damp carpet.
don't pull sprouting ends of yarn; snip them.
don't drag furniture across carpet.

  • how to use super foam rug cleaner
  1. pretest on a small, inconspicuous area to insure colorfastness.
  2. shake well.
  3. holding can upside down and 2 feet from rug, apply to a 3-4 foot square area using a sweeping motion.
  4. spread foam evenly with sponge mop. use crisscrossed, overcrossed, and overlapping strokes until foam is worked into carpet. in areas of heavy soil, additional scrubbing may be needed.
  5. rinse sponge mop after cleaning each section.
  6. allow to dry to a minimum of 3-4 hours, or overnight.
  7. vacuum thoroughly when dry.

  • helpful hints

before using, place waxed paper or aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent staining. to avoid streaking, final sponging should be done in one direction. use leftover cleaner for spot cleaning stains and spills.

  • environmental notes
  • no phosphates
  • no chlorine
  • no chlorofluorocarbons
  • recyclable steel can
  • compatible products

# 129821 sponge mop

super foam rug cleaner

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