pre-laundry stain remover spray
605 pre-laundry stain spray

  • about our stain remover spray
  • emulsifiers and solvents break down and dissolve oil-based and water-based soils.
  • stain remover spray removes tough stains including: grease, collar rings, fruit, ink.
  • equally effective in all water temperatures.
  • will not shrink or fade fabrics.
  • where to use stain remover spray
  • use to remove tough stains from washable fabrics.
  • safe to use on synthetic and natural colorfast fabrics.
pre-laundry stain remover spray

  • stain remover spray specifications

size/net weight: 18 oz.
type of product: aerosol spray

  • problem solving
  • how do i treat laundry stains? :
  • pre-test stain spray in an inconspicuous spot, such as the seam allowance or hem of a garment. always run a sample test, since even water may damage some fabrics.
  • avoid using heat. hot water, hot air or a hot iron can make a stain impossible to remove.
  • always handle stained items gently. rubbing, folding, wringing, or squeezing a stained item may cause the stain to penetrate more deeply. rough handling can also damage delicate fabrics.
  • to reduce the likelihood of leaving a ring around a cleaned area, work from the outside in when treating a stain.
  • how to use stain remover spray
1. test an inconspicuous area.
2. hold can 4 inches from fabric; completely saturate the stain.
3. wait one to three minutes.
4. launder soiled fabrics as usual.
5. for tough stains, re-apply and re-wash before drying.

  • environmental notes
  • no phosphates
  • no chlorine
  • no chlorofluorocarbons
  • recyclable steel can
  • compatible products

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pre-laundry stain remover spray

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