sticky stuff remover

660 sticky stuff remover


  • about sticky stuff remover
    • sticky stuff remover contains a powerful citrus solvent formula that removes sticky gum, inks, crayons, greasy oil, adhesives, lipstick, pen ink, marker, asphalt, tar and more. use on carpeting, upholstery, clothes.
    • superior spot cleaning performance.
  • where to use
    • use sticky stuff remover on carpet, upholstery, and clothing . do not use on plastic, painted or varnished surfaces without pretesting in an inconspicuous area. overuse on carpeting may cause damage to backing adhesive.
    sticky stuff remover

  • sticky stuff remover specifications
  • size/net weight: 5.5 oz.
    type of product: aerosol spray

  • how to use sticky stuff remover
    1. blot or scrape up excess of stain causing material
    2. wet stain thoroughly with sticky stuff remover and let stand for 30 seconds
    3. rub firmly with the # 314 handi scrubber brush
    4. leave on 2 to 4 minutes, then blot with clean damp sponge or rinse with water
    5. repeat process as necessary

  • helpful hints
  • for best results, treat stained areas as soon as possible. pretest for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.

  • environmental notes
    • free of phosphates, chlorine and petroleum solvents
    • naturally fragrances with citrus oils

    sticky stuff remover

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