fuller brush carpet sweeper

jenny b. from mn says: " were snowbirds from minnesota and always keep your
electrostatic sweeper handy in our rig. it's small, compact and does a great job of
picking up butch's ( our cat ) hair."

101 electrostatic carpet sweeper

breast cancer awarenesshelp us "sweep away breast cancer!"


  • about the electrostatic carpet sweeper
    • use the carpet sweeper on indoor-outdoor carpets, uncarpeted floors, stairways, and thick shag carpets. carpet sweeper is great for boats and rv's.
    • dual direction carpet sweeper, durable boar bristle rotor brush picks up all types of debris
    • floating wheels self-adjust
    • corner brushes pick up debris around baseboards
    • easy-to-empty dual dustpans are tightly sealed to prevent leakage
    • long-wearing soft vinyl bumper protects furniture
    • folds flat for compact storage
    • carpet sweeper is lightweight for quick pick-ups
    • requires no electricity
    • rubber tip, easy grip handle
    • clip-on cleaning comb
    • folds flat with two piece handle for compact storage in boat or camper
    • laboratory tested superior to competitors sweepers
  • where to use your carpet sweeper
    • use your carpet sweeper on indoor-outdoor carpets, uncarpeted floors, stairways, thick shag carpets, tile floors, rv campers and boats.
    fuller brush electrostatic carpet sweeper

  • carpet sweeper specifications
  • handle length and construction: 39" long, smoke gray baked enamel on metal handle
    type of bristle: fine boar bristle brush
    overall size of bristle:
    9" long x 6-1/4" wide x 2-1/2" tall

  • problem solving
    • general carpet and rug care: regular carpet cleaning is important for appearance and wear. unless removed, sharp particles of grit can become embedded and slice carpet fibers. use a carpet sweeper to pick up daily dirt, crumbs, hair, etc. thoroughly vaccum carpets and rugs weekly. slowly vacuum each area several times to loosen and remove dirt.

      improving the efficienty of your carpet sweeper: if the sweeper tends to miss lint, string and other small debris, try dampening the brushes before use.

  • how to maintain
    1. empty dustpans after every use.
    2. comb bristles with # 981 cleaning comb, that comes with sweeper, to maintain effectiveness.



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    # 964 replacement rotor brush
    # 100 workhorse commercial carpet sweeper

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